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Former presentations

Yellowstone's insight: The impact of Yellowstone's grey wolves on their ecosystem.

How did the disappearance and reintroduction of the grey wolf change Yellowstone's ecosystem?

When wolves were removed from the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the fine balance was broken. The reintroduction of the wolf has allowed scientists a unique view of how intricately balanced ecosystems are.

with Abby Stainbrook

The path of the gas industry

All the steps taken to bring gas from the main source to your home EN/ES

¿Do you want to know about the gas industry in Colombia?

by Juan Eco

presentation about "The most common reasons of technical service on cellphones" EN

Is your cellphone malfunctioning?

There are ways to prevent it, do you wanna know how?

Presentation by Muhamad Zakaria

Presentation about "Latin American pop culture from the 90´s Part 1" EN/ES

Have you ever talked about el Chapulín Colorado with your foreign friends?

Let's talk about all those interesting things that happened in the 90's in Latin America.

By Harold Lozano

Presentation about "Phonetics - The Next Level of Not-Sucking " EN/ES

How do you feel about your pronunciation?

There are techniques that you can follow to improve your pronunciation

Join us to learn from Joseph

Love and frienship experiment EN/ES

Have you ever found a great friend?

Have you ever fallen in love?

This and many other questions will be solved in "The greatest experiment to fall in love"

Presentation about "How to get into Tech Part 1 and 2" EN

Are you a Tech Lover?

The tech sector is the fastest growing industry, don't stay out of it.

Join us to learn how to start your learning process in it

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels 

Presentation about "Evolución de los computadores en 80 años" ES/EN

¿Han visto qué tanto han mejorado los computadores?

Acompáñenme a conocer la historia de la evolución de los computadores desde sus inicios

Presentation about "New Regulations for processed food"

Do you want to learn about the coming regulations for processed food in Colombia?

This new system will help everyone to generate healthier consumption habits. Come and learn about it!

Q&A with MSc Elisa Cadena in Economics

Presentation about "Healthy aging"

How can you improve your health to age well? Join us and come to discover it! Presentation and Q&A

with MSc Pilar Uriza in Food Science and Technology

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels 

"Talk about AFGANISTAN"

We will have an anonymous guest who will talk about the situation in Afganistan and how it has affected the lives of the citizens.

Photo by Suliman Sallehi from Pexels 

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