Vision and Mission


To provide the best conditions to practice Spanish, English or French for people who are in their learning process with basic communicative skills. This objective is linked to the bilingualism goal of Colombia, to help in its extension, anyone to improve their English or French (or any language available) and at the same time give that opportunity to foreigners who want to practice Spanish.

- We don't want to be linked in any way to any present or upcoming government but we believe in the essence of the bilingualism goals which are, by now, just impossible due to the way in which they are being carried out. This is not perfect, this is just another attempt.-


Help thousands of people who want to practice English in order to get a job or achieve their personal or professional goals, by setting challenges, encouraging them to study by themselves, and practicing with games, role games, presentations, leading rooms, and overall in friendly conversational environments.

Why is learning English with friends better?

There are many reasons why it is better to practice English with friends than in an institute. First, when you are with friends, you are more likely to feel relaxed and comfortable, which will make it easier to learn. Second, you can learn at your own pace and level with friends, since they are not trying to teach you, but simply help you practice. Third, you can learn more about the culture and customs associated with the English language by spending time with friends who are native speakers. Finally, you will have more fun and make more memories practicing English with friends than you would in a class at an institute.