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The Online Immersive Meet UP 

There are many reasons why you should consider attending an immersive meetup in English even if you are already taking English classes. For one, immersive meetups provide an opportunity to practice your English skills in a real-world setting. This is different from taking classes, where you are usually only exposed to the language in a controlled environment. At an immersive meetup, you will be surrounded by native English speakers and and other speakers who have struggled like you to learn English and you will have to use the language to communicate with them. This will help you to better understand how the language is actually used in everyday life and to improve your own fluency. Additionally, attending an immersive meetup is a great way to meet other English learners and to make new friends. You can exchange tips and advice with other learners.

Please keep your camera ON, give a warm welcome to NEWCOMERS,  and enjoy the company of others who have struggled with reaching fluency in a new language.

The coordinators are there, but you are an essential part of this meet-up. Don't be passive subjects, lead games or start conversations, it's a language exchange after all.

Write on the chatbox of Google Meet the language that you want to practice.