Basics of English A1

Basic commands



Read the text...

Listen to...

Speak (tell me...)

write a text....

Check... (look for...) show me... turn on.... turn off... open...  go to... 



Should I close the door? /shud/

I can handle it!: me defiendo

Repeat, please: ¿Me repites?

What?: ¿Que qué?

I don't speak well: Yo no hablo bien

You're lucky: De buenas

What's it called?: ¿Cómo se dice?

I don't know if it's ok: No se si este bien.

A1 - You know many words but you didn't know that.


emulate, expropriate, interpolate, rejuvenate, fulminate, exonerate, adjudicate, validate, accumulate. etc. -ATE

position, emotion, collection, vocation, adoption, adaptation, election, edition, fiction. etc -TION

obesity, rarity, density, stability, responsibility, solubility, eternity, reality, atrocity. etc -ITY

accidentally, accusingly, angrily, anxiously, argumentatively, badly, beautifully, boldly. etc -LY


And suddenly you realize that you know around 500 words!

Step 01

These are your pencils

These are my pencils

This is my house

This is their house

Her name is _______. Her eyes are brown. Her shirt is red. 

His name is ________ His eyes are small, His shirt is white 

This is a car. Its color is red.

Is there anything wrong? let us know!

V similar to F

Step 02

Step 03

What’s your phone number?

Spell your last name, please.

Spell your middle name, please.

What’s your email address?

Where are you from?

Chose three countries, discover their names, and use their demonym to talk about yourself as a member of those countries (use the map).

eg.: I am (Mexico) Mexic-AN.

Then talk about your classmates using the same structure.

eg.: He is Austral-IAN

Ask other about the countries they chose.

Ask others "Where are you from?"

Step 04

Turn these questions into interrogative and negative statements, and think about the answer to those questions


is this...? - it is

are these...? - They are

Wheel of questions

Show us an object and ask: "What's this?"

Show us a group of objects and ask "What are these?"

Step 06

Is this your book? Yes, it is. / No, It isn't.

Are these your keys? Yes, they are. / No, they aren't.

Where's your wallet? It's in this pocket.

Where are your pens? They are in my pencil case.

Is this your wallet?

Where is your wallet? Where is your _____?

Where are your keys?

Tell us the location of 5 objects


Step 07

is this...your book? - Yes, it is.

are these... your pens? - Yes, They are.

Adjectives - Opposites

short - tall

Slim - Fat

Slow - Fast

Kind - ?

Shy - ?

Scary - ?


Ask for the age of your classmates.

How old are you?

(write the answers on the screen)

Then ask questions about the age of the students / check plurals.

How old is ________? How old are ________?

She is __________ They are __________

He is ___________

Who are they?

Who is she?

Who is he?

What are they like?

What is your mom like? - She is beautiful (Description)

How are you? -Fine

How is your mom? - Fine (State)

She's tall, She's kind, she's sweet, she's hard-working,

she's relaxed, she's noble.

What is your mom like?

Adjectives for personality

Describe a person from your family

Step 08

MY computer = Mine

That computer is MY computer.

That computer is MINE.

YOUR house = Yours

That house is YOUR house.

That house is YOURS.


That X is HER X

That X is HERS.

Step 9 - To be

Step 10 - Comparatives

Is / has

Carulla is bigger than D1

D1 has cheaper products than Carulla

Comparatives (2)

Which building is biggER?

Which one is MORE beautiful?

Superlatives (3 or more)

Which building is the biggEST?

Which one is the MOST beautiful?

Let's compare countries

Step 11 - verbs (take some time to memorize them)

Learning verbs by logical groups

Step 12 - Present simple

Step 13 - Present Continuous (Now and the future)

Step 14 - Past simple

Step 15 -Present Perfect - Have you been to Santa Marta? (in all your life) How many times?

Guinea pig (cuy)

Have you eaten chapulines?

Bandeja Paisa

Step 16 - Important verbs and conjugations

Songs to practice

Eternal flame

You're beautiful

Yellow submarine Spanish English

If you studied enough, probably at this point you're ready to talk, so try again, JOIN US!

Check the rules and if you agree